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Hello friends. I'd like to welcome you to my new site on balloon twisting. I am a professional private party magician and balloon twister. I have been practicing the art of balloon modeling for more than 12 years now and I have no intentions on quitting. Balloon twisting has become a part of my life and not only is it fun trying to make balloon animals and new balloon models but watching the look on children's faces when I work my balloon magic is priceless.

However, balloon twisting not only appeals to children, but many adults as well. Several times a year I visit New York City and set up a small station where I sit and make balloon animals all day. I normally start in the morning and build an entire balloon modeling collection from scratch. Many who pass by my booth sit in complete amazement at the numerous creative balloon animals that I make out with my bare hands. I sell them at a low price and usually get booked for private birthday parties where I get to put on my complete magic show and balloon twisting act for dozens of small children.

After over a decade of making a living on balloon twisting, I decided to design this website to help rookie balloon twisters who are trying to get into the field of balloon modeling and have no one to teach them the skills necessary to advance as a professional balloon twister.

In the early nineties, I met a very skillful twister who was on the verge of retirement. I used to come to his booth in the middle of Time Square and watch in pure amazement at how he would create the most amazing balloon animals I had ever seen. I began to develop not only an interest in the art but I soon established a great relationship with this man. He became my tuitor and taught me the basics for balloon twisting. He soon hired me as his personal assistant at his booth and for his private birthday parties.

Within a year, the old man decided to give up his business and retire but left me his legacy and name and asked me to carry on the art of balloon twisting and continue making people happy with my skill.

And so my friends I feel it is my time to help those in search for the knowledge of balloon twisting and have decided to offer my experiences and tips in this website. While my schedule keeps me pretty bust most of the time, I have made an effort to write some articles on balloon twisting that will help you get started in this hobby. I have also found a really fantastic balloon twisting video that I own and recommend to everyone who is seriously looking into learning how to make balloon animals. You can read my review of this amazing balloon modeling video here.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my site and I wish you the best of luck in your balloon twisting hobby. I look forward to making your balloon twisting learning experience worthwhile.

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